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Introduction to Ballet & Barre

  1. Meet the Instructor

    Asha Sienkiewicz is a Professional Dancer and Fitness Professional who, after living her dream for 15 years in NYC, is now located in the beautiful Bay Area! Asha brings to LAH extensive background training in ballet, certification in Barre Fitness, and great passion for teaching. She believes in the importance of building a strong foundation using proper technique, and from there ensuring clients enjoy their fitness journey, ultimately achieving the gift of health in body as well as mind. Asha always gives 110% - her topquality instruction methods, along with kind inspiration and unwavering encouragement, allow her clients to achieve their dream results. Her classes are for EVERY-BODY! Come dance and feel that amazing energy together with Asha! Get to know Asha more by following her at Bionic Barre Ballerina on social media bionicbarre.ballerina.7.

  2. Date Attending

  3. Ballet for everyone

    Ballet for everyone Make your dream of being a dancer come true! Learn the foundations, terms, movements of the art and technique step by step and learn new combos weekly to put it all together! No prior dance experience is required, however for new students a 20-minute consultation ($10) is required prior to registration.

  4. BarreFit for everyone

    All classes are to upbeat inspiring music with props available and options for modifications, injuries, level, and special needs. This class focuses interval training with the barre, available props, and own body weight for all strengthening exercises targeted to tone, gain flexibility, bone density, coordination, enhance strength for all walks of life. You’ll feel the burn for sure with every including a lengthening stretch at the end. No prior barre experience is required, however for new students a 20-minute consultation ($10) is required prior to registration.

  5. Dance Fitness Coaching

    Asha offers dance and fitness programs designed for beginners to professionals. The mission is to learn and grow in fitness and artistic journey while getting stronger in mind body and spirit. This is a program promoting positivity and health for any age. Asha brings knowledge and experience to the Los Altos Hills community. Work one on one, with friends, or with your household, together we can learn and grow to do amazing things!

  6. Pre-Class Consulting Appointment

    Signed up or ready to sign up? Meet with Aasha to prepare for class!

  7. Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Agreement

    In consideration of the acceptance of the application for entry into the classes or activities listed, I hereby waive, release and discharge any and all claims for damages for death, personal injury, or property damage which I may have, or which may hereafter accrue to me as a result of my participation in said classes or activities. I am aware that these classes or activities subject me to physical risks and dangers, nevertheless, I voluntarily agree to assume any and all risks of injury or death, and to release, discharge, and hold harmless all of the entities or persons mentioned above who, through negligence or carelessness, might otherwise be liable to me, or my heirs, personal representatives, next of kin, spouse or assigns. It is understood and agreed that this waiver, release, and assumption of risk is to be binding on my heirs, personal representatives, next of kin, spouse and assigns. If participating in a virtual recreation class(es), I am aware of and acknowledge that use of third-party applications (e.g. Zoom) may carry a privacy and security risk, and I use the application at my own risk. I acknowledge that, while the Town will implement reasonable measures within its control, it is not responsible for maintaining the security of these applications. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring my environment is safe and free from obstructions, and for supervising my child if he or she uses the application. I have fully read this Agreement and fully understand its content. Furthermore, the significance of this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement has been EXPLAINED TO THE MINOR. In addition, should the Town of Los Altos Hills and/or its representatives take photographs of my or my child’s program, event or activity, I agree to allow the use of my and or my child’s photograph for program publicity purposes only.

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