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Home Electrification Assessments

  1. Home Electrification

    Are you looking to replace your water heater, furnace or a gas-fueled appliance? The Town of Los Altos is excited to announce the Home Electrification Assessment Program! The Town has contracts with two (2) Home Electrification Assessment vendors, Zero and QuitCarbon, who will assess a home's existing natural gas appliances and provide homeowners with a customized path for migrating their home off natural gas. 

    Fill this form if you are interested in 'home assessments'.

    We have a limited number of home assessments at the beginning, so if you’re interested in a home electrification assessment, please sign up here.

    If we have more residents, then we will create a waiting list for the following year.  Please contact Planning at with any questions.

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  4. You filled in the form, what is next?

    1. You will work with the vendor to schedule a mutually agreeable time (look for an email in you inbox from the vendor).

    2. Home assessments will be completed.

    3. You will receive a home assessment report.

  5. Learn about ZERO

    Zero is a self-serve home-electrification marketplace that simplifies the planning and purchase process for single-family home energy systems. After a virtual visit, homeowners receive a bundle of information: scopes of work, product recommendations, installation pricing, incentives/rebates, contractor partner reviews, and available financing options to help them improve their home and electrify, without all the hassle. Scan. Purchase. Schedule. Directly through your phone.

    See sample report in Google Drive here.


  6. Learn about QUITCARBON

    Electrifying your home's fossil fuel appliances (especially water heater and furnace) is the single most impactful thing you can do to reduce your family's carbon pollution and fight climate change. Upgrading your home’s gas stove to induction eliminates dangerous pollution inside your kitchen. There is no time to waste - the climate crisis is upon us, and we each must act. But quitting carbon isn't easy; you need a plan. Sign-up today for a free Quitting Plan from QuitCarbon.

    See sample report here.


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