What is Undergrounding?

"Undergrounding" refers to burial of our existing overhead utilities. These include electricity (PG&E), cable TV/broadband Internet (Comcast), and fiber and landline phones (AT&T). Burying the lines means removing the poles, and relocating some wireless transmitters (like those used by PG&E for collecting smart meter data). Most undergrounding projects now place transformers and switchgear in surface pad-mounted enclosures for reliability. The wires and conduits are buried alongside or under our roads, possibly under our existing pathways to reduce traffic disruption.

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1. What is Undergrounding?
2. What is Electric Tariff Rule 20?
3. What are the benefits of the Utility Undergrounding?
4. How will this project affect local traffic during construction?
5. Will my driveway remain open during construction?
6. How long is the power outage when the wires are converted from overhead to underground?
7. Which utilities are typically in the joint trench?
8. Will additional right-of-way or easements be required for the undergrounding?