Crime Prevention

The Town of Los Altos Hills is committed to providing a safe and crime-free environment for its residents. The Town works closely with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office and its residents to achieve this. The most common type of crime in the Town is burglary. The Sheriff’s Office monitors burglary trends share these with other law enforcement agencies, with the aim of prevention and making arrests. Additionally, they use all available resources to strategically patrol areas identified as hot spots. On the other hand, residents have a shared responsibility and commitment to learning about crime prevention in their neighborhoods and communities. They are encouraged to activate their security alarms and surveillance systems and report any unexpected visitors or unusual activities in their communities. 

Over the last few years, the Town of Los Altos Hills and Santa Clara has hosted several public Town Hall forums dedicated to Crime Prevention in the Town. The law enforcement officers have discussed crime trends specific to Los Altos Hills and offered safety precautions steps. Various articles have also been published in the town-wide quarterly newsletter to highlight crime prevention tips for residents. 

Below is a list of these previous forums and articles:

  1. Residential Burglary Talk - May 2, 2022 - video
  2. Residential Burglary Talk - April 29, 2022 - video (notes) (PowerPoint Presentation)
  3. Crime Prevention Forum - January 27, 2021 - video (PowerPoint Presentation Download Link)
  4. Public Safety Forum - June 6, 2018 - Video
  5. Public Safety Forum - September 22, 2016 - Video
  6. Public Safety Forum - September 9, 2014 - Video
  7. Crime Prevention Forum - April 9, 2014 - Video
  8. Power Against Fraud - September 25, 2013 - Video
  9. Crime Prevention Forum - April 10, 2012 - Video

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