What types of conditions would be placed on the project?

For each project, the assigned planner will prepare a list of conditions of approval, with certain conditions that must be satisfied prior to submitting plans for building permit plan check. Each project will have conditions that are unique to their project but the Town has standard conditions of approval that generally apply to all new residences and major additions. The following list is a sample of standard conditions of approval:

  • A landscape plan subject to review at a Site Development Hearing. Landscaping required for screening purposes must be installed prior to final inspection.
  • A landscape maintenance deposit typically in the amount of $5,000 to $20,000
  • An Open Space Easement may be required over portions of the property with oak tree coverage, 30%-plus slope and/or over creek areas.
  • Payment of pathways fee, dedication of a pathway easement and/or construction of a pathway if consistent with the Pathway Master Plan, and the Pathways Element.
  • Fire sprinklers and/or a fire hydrant may be required.
  • The height and location of the new development must be certified by a civil engineer or licensed land surveyor prior to final project inspection.
  • If within 200-feet of a sewer line, the property will be required to connect to the Town’s sewer system.
  • A grading and construction operation plan and an erosion control plan shall be submitted for review and approval by the Engineering Department prior to acceptance of plans for building plan check.
  • The property owner must repair any damage caused by construction of the project to pathways, private driveways, and public and private roadways.
  • A new residence is required to have GreenPoint rating of 50 minimum.
  • Utilities may be required to be placed underground.

Please note that additional conditions may be added to address unique features of the property. Some of the conditions are likely to apply to minor additions or other smaller projects, as applicable.