After an Earthquake

  • Check for natural gas leaks. Only turn off your gas if you smell it, hear a hissing sound or see the meter dial spinning at an abnormal rate.
  • Stay off the phone unless you have a life-threatening emergency. Try texting instead.
  • Please do not drop off donations for victims unless the Town requests them!
  • Don't flush toilets or drink tap water until you have confirmed (through the Town website or radio station) that the utility lines are not damaged.
  • Use battery-operated flashlights, not candles.
  • Listen to KFJC Radio 89.7FM, KLIV 1590 AM, or KCBS 740 a.m. and 106.9 FM.
  • If phones are not working and you have an emergency, report it to the Community Emergency Response Team located in Lot 7 of the Foothill College Campus.