High Energy Homes

Are you frustrated by high utility bills and want to know where your money is going? Have you found yourself agreeing with T. Boone Pickens, who wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil? Are you eager to reduce your environmental footprint, preferably without spending lots of money or wearing sweaters inside all winter?

If any of these are true, this program is for you.

About the Program

Over a 1-year period begun in April 2011, the web-based High Energy Homes program helped 55 Los Altos Hills homeowners save an average of $740 per year on their energy bills, with little or no expense.

The program uses the new smart meters installed by PG&E to provide you with an accurate Home Energy Profile for your home, together with simple suggestions to reduce any energy "leaks" discovered in the process. No home visit is required, it’s all done over the web in just a few minutes.

This innovative program was developed locally and is based on early research by our own Environmental Initiatives Committee. The original program was funded through a grant by the California Energy Commission.

The program was very successful, resulting in measured savings nearly double the program’s cost-effectiveness requirement. Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive.

Apply now for an enhanced version of the same service. If you’re already registered you can login to your existing account.

This service is provided by Home Energy Analytics, Inc, based right here in Los Altos Hills.

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