Public Safety

The Town of Los Altos Hills contracts with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement and public safety services. Residents of Los Altos Hills participate in the direct election of the Sheriff. Specific services provided to the Town are negotiated and approved by the City Council. Important phone numbers for residents to remember are:
  • 911 to report all emergencies
  • 408-299-2311 for non-emergency calls
  • 408 - 299 -3233 After regular Town Hall hours for issues regarding sewer, storm drains, and roadway blockages
  • 2-1-1 - a 24/7 service that provides streamlined access to critical health and human services. This service is available in over 140 different languages
  • The complete list of public services is available here

Fire Protection, Suppression & Safety Services

Fire Protection, suppression and safety services are provided by the Los Altos Hills County Fire District. The District contracts with the Santa Clara County Fire Department for services. Fire prevention programs provided by the District include free brush chipping and removal, brush and yard waste drop-off days, and site visits for property fire fuel evaluations. For additional information, residents can contact the District at 650-949-1044.

In addition to the basic police, fire and disaster services Los Altos Hills receives from outside agencies, Town staff and the Emergency Communications Committee work together with the City Council to address emergency response planning and training. The goal of the Town is to ensure that the community is organized and ready for any emergency.

Animal Control

Animal control services are provided through a contract with the City of Palo Alto. Services include regular field coverage by an Animal Control Officer, investigation of all animal bite incidents, licensing of animals, information about lost pets, and disposal of dead animals. Residents can obtain more information about Palo Alto Animal Services at 650-496-5971 or call 650-329-2413 for dispatch services.

The Town of Los Altos Hills has a leash law. Pursuant to Municipal Code Title 6, Chapter 1, Section 6-1.409 “No person owning or harboring any dog shall allow or permit such dog, whether licensed or not, to be upon a public street, sidewalk, park, school ground, public place or upon any unenclosed lot or land except when held under leash by an able-bodied person.” Residents may be issued a citation if their dogs are not on a leash.

Crime Prevention Forums

The Town hosts crime prevention forums during the year where the residents are invited to a public meeting to discuss the safety and crime with representatives from the Sheriff's office.

  1. Public Safety Forum - June 6, 2018 - Video
  2. Safety at Home for Seniors - March 30, 2017 - Video
  3. Public Safety Forum - September 22, 2016 - Video
  4. Public Safety Forum - September 9, 2014 - Video
  5. Crime Prevention Forum - April 9, 2014 - Video
  6. Power Against Fraud - September 25, 2013 - Video
  7. Crime Prevention Forum - April 10, 2012 - Video

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