Pathway System

The Town of Los Altos Hills’ Pathway System is designed to provide safe and convenient non-vehicular travel throughout the community and is viewed by many as one of the Town’s greatest assets.

The system unites neighborhoods through a series of connecting paths which criss-cross the Town. The Los Altos Hills Pathway System also provides a link to local surrounding open space areas.

Recreational Opportunities

Additionally, the Town’s paths offer a unique recreational opportunity for school children, walkers, runners, horseback riders and bicyclists to enjoy the outdoors and natural beauty that is Los Altos Hills. The paths that travel away from the roadways provide a rare glimpse into the rural beauty of the Hills.

Man Running Down a Path
Family Walking With Dogs

The Pathway System exists for the use of all Town residents. Observing the 3C’s-Common sense, Courtesy and Communication will make path usage pleasurable. Bicyclists should yield to horseback riders and pedestrians, pedestrians should yield to horseback riders. Drivers should always display extreme caution when passing bicyclists, equestrians and all pathway users. Not all paths and trails are designed for all uses. Bicyclists should stay on hard surface paths and roadways.


Maintenance of the Pathway System is a joint effort between Town residents and the Town’s maintenance crew. Residents have responsibilities to keep paths on their property clear of brush, debris, and overhanging tree branches. Residents are not permitted to block paths with mailboxes, plants, irrigation equipment or parked cars. It is important to be sure drainage is diverted away from paths to prevent erosion. Rototilling should be kept 5 feet away from paths. Where driveways cross a path, they must be roughened, and no sealers should be used. A slick driveway is especially dangerous for horses and their riders.

Many of the Town’s off-road paths are marked with path markers for easy identification. A comprehensive map of the Pathway System is available at Town Hall is available for purchase for $4.