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  1. RecRx - Los Altos Hills Parks and Recreation
    Los Altos Hills Parks and Recreation invites you to complete the RecRx questionnaire below. Your answers will be used to create a personalized recreation recommendation just for you!
  2. Recreation you'll find me commonly doing is
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  3. Recreation which interests me
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  4. I am interested in finding recreation for
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  5. Place of Residence & Interest
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  6. Do you enjoy sharing on social media?
  7. Do you like encouraging others to integrate recreation into their lives?
  8. Have you ever taken a recreation class online?
  9. RecRx is offered as a free, for fun service to help familiarize the Los Altos Hills Community with its Parks and Recreation Programs. This service is not a prescription for recreation and is not under the supervision of any medical professional nor any recreational therapy program
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