What experience do we have with undergrounding?

In addition to fact-finding from other California cities and towns (including Palo Alto, Tiburon, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, San Diego) the town initiated two small undergrounding projects in 2008: one on Purissima along the baseball fields and one on Altamont adjacent to Byrne Preserve. Combined length of these two projects was just over a mile (6000 feet). These were pilot projects to give us experience, and were funded by the town's "20A" funds (see description below).

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1. What are we talking about?
2. What is the scope of the project?
3. What experience do we have with undergrounding?
4. What are 20A" funds?
5. What data do we have on the cost of undergrounding?
6. What would a town-wide undergrounding project cost?
7. How could we fund this type of project?
8. Does undergrounding improve safety and reliability?
9. Does undergrounding improve property values?