What is the scope of the project?

Since about 1990 all new construction has required underground utilities, but over 50% of our utilities remain above ground , including most major thoroughfares.

In 2002 we hired R.W. Beck (a large construction services company, now Leidos Engineering) to do an inventory of our overhead lines and also provide an estimate of the cost to bury all of it. During that process they identified approximately 60 miles of overhead utility lines within our town

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1. What are we talking about?
2. What is the scope of the project?
3. What experience do we have with undergrounding?
4. What are 20A" funds?
5. What data do we have on the cost of undergrounding?
6. What would a town-wide undergrounding project cost?
7. How could we fund this type of project?
8. Does undergrounding improve safety and reliability?
9. Does undergrounding improve property values?