Briones Way, Concepcion Road, and La Paloma Road Pathways Project

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Per the Town's General Plan, "the pathways system is designed to complement the Town's roadway system and to enhance non-motorized circulation by providing connections between neighborhoods and access to local or nearby destinations."  Pathways provide for safe access for pedestrians and equestrians and outdoor recreation, and also preserve the open and rural character of the Town.  

The construction of roadside pathways on Briones Way, Conception Road, and La Paloma Road will start September 1 and be completed by October 2023.  These pathway segments were prioritized by the Pathways Committee and approved by the City Council. 

During the construction hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday, the roads will remain open to traffic, but a traffic lane may need to be closed with necessary traffic control.  Please anticipate some traffic delays during the construction work. 

Dates: September 1, 2023 to October 13, 2023
Contact: ASTHA KHANAL; (650)947-2541

  • Briones Way - 272 LF Pathway  Between Via Ventana Way and Via Cerro Gordo.
  • Concepcion Road - 721 LF Pathway between Purissima Road and Birch Hill Way.
  • La Paloma Road - 880 LF Pathway between Purissima Road to Todd Lane.