2023 Pavement Rehabilitation and Drainage Improvement Project

Dianne Drive

Through the Town's Annual Road Rehabilitation Program per the FY2024-2028 Five Year Capital Improvement Plan, the Public Works Department resurfaces and repairs public streets throughout the Town. Each year, the list of project streets are evaluated through the StreetSaver program, a pavement management software, which is then verified through field inspections by staff. The final list is contingent upon the yearly project budget and as approved by the City Council. This annual program rehabilitates and repairs roads each year, improving road safety for residents, reducing costs for future road repair, and overall maintaining the Town's roadway network. The project receives funding from SB1, SB83, Highway Users Tax Fund, and VTA Measure B. 

The 2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project will start in September and be completed October. The work consists of microsurfacing streets, two-inch overlays, installation of asphalt dikes, and other necessary roadwork. See the Project Street List and Project Plans for more specific information

Contact: JOHN CHAU; (650)947-2510