Public Safety Power Shutoff

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Fire Trucks

California's three largest energy companies announced recently a coordinated wildfire safety and awareness campaign - "Power of Being Prepared" that includes plans for shutting off power during a red flag danger. A key part of the campaign  includes reminding residents  that utilities will turn off power to fire-prone areas during extreme weather events as a safety precaution. Decisions are made by the individual companies based on weather conditions.  

Some of the outages can last multiple days, depending on the severity of the situation, so it is very important to have an emergency plan in place. Early warning notifications will be sent via phone calls, text alerts, and other means. The Town has its own text and voice notification system called NIXLE. please register to be alerted in case of any emergency. The Town will coordinate efforts with the Fire District to encourage emergency preparedness.  For more information on how to prepare, please visit the links below.