Open Space

Much of what is considered as "open space" in Los Altos Hills is, in fact, privately owned and maintained. Part of the philosophy of the Town’s large-lot zoning concept is to preserve open space.

In addition, open-space land has been donated to the Town by private citizens and acquired over the years to further enhance the Town’s rural atmosphere. Byrne Preserve, located along the upper length of Altamont Road and connected to numerous Town paths, is an example of such a donation. This beautiful Preserve is comprised of several gifts: 50 acres obtained through a donation by Albert M. Byrne to the Nature Conservancy, 25 acres given by Countess Betty Byrne Dezahara and small parcels which were obtained through development agreements and gifts.

Open Space Hills
Westwind Community Barn

Other Town Parks & Preserves

Bicentennial Park

This small park is located at Edith and Fremont Roads along Adobe Creek and is a reflective site featuring benches and a meandering path through a wooded setting.

Juan Prado Mesa Preserve

The Preserve is accessible from Dawson Drive at one end and Stonebrook Road at the other and is bordered by Hale Creek and the Neary Quarry.

Westwind Community Barn

Westwind Barn is operated by the Town of Los Altos Hills. Located next to Byrne Preserve, the Barn is a facility for boarding horses, operating horseback riding programs and the venue for many of the Town’s special community events. Equestrian programs at the facility include the Town’s Parks and Recreation Year Round Riding Program and the 4-H Riding for the Handicapped Program operated by the Westwind Riding Institute, a non-profit group offering special riding programs for the disabled.

Little League Fields On Purissima Road

The area consists of four maintained playing fields with public facilities operated through a joint agreement between the Town and the Los Altos Hills Little League Board of Directors.

Town Riding Ring On Purissima Road

This is a public riding ring operated cooperatively with the Los Altos Hills Horsemen’s Association

Adjacent Open Space Facilities

The Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District owns and operates significant lands adjacent to Los Altos Hills. The District’s lands are enjoyed by thousands of visitors and provide a natural scenic vista for Town residents. The Mid-Pen lands are easily accessed by many of the Town’s paths.

Rancho San Antonio County Park

This 167-acre park is located on Cristo Rey Drive south of the Foothill Expressway/Highway 280 interchange. The park features pedestrian and equestrian trails, a model glider flying venue, photography opportunities and other recreational uses. Located within the park is Deer Hollow Farm, a working farm that is open to visitors.